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Conference Proceedings


Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 3, Springer International Publishing, Volume 345 , p.441-457 (2015)



This paper describes an innovative approach to the design and implementation of a Rover intended for alien environments. The paper enumerates the various issues faced by the Rover in such an environment and attempts to solve each of them using innovative design modifications. Although built from existing designs, the Rover has been modified for better stability, higher order functioning and improved debugging mechanisms. The Rover features a flexible segmented body with a multipurpose arm, corresponding multi wheel mechanism and Kinect module integration for advanced image processing. The system control, for both the Rover as well the robotic arm integrated with it, is done using feasible yet extremely efficient microcontrollers and microprocessors such as Arduino, Raspberry pi etc. Inspired from nature’s design, a reflex mechanism has also been integrated into the Rover design, to minimize damage by automated safety reflexes. The rover also carries a mobile humanoid robot for more precise human like investigation. The Rover finds applications in the exploration of other planets, deep sea vents and other hostile environments. It offers a possibility of integrating numerous features such mineral collection and sampling, landscape mapping, moisture detection etc. Such an effort may even prove to be instrumental in detection and study of biological activity in worlds other than ours.

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S. Aswath, Ajithkumar, N., Tilak, C. Krishna, Saboo, N., Suresh, A., Kamalapuram, R., Mattathil, A., Anirudh, H., B, A., ,, and , “An Intelligent Rover Design Integrated with Humanoid Robot for Alien Planet Exploration 2015”, Robot Intelligence Technology and Applications 3, vol. 345 . Springer International Publishing, pp. 441-457, 2015.