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International Journal of Multiphysics, Multi-Science Publishing Co. Ltd, Volume 10, Number 1, p.43-51 (2016)



Acoustic noise, Aerodynamic noise, Aerodynamics, CFD analysis, Chemical contamination, Computational fluid dynamics, Control equipment, Energy conversion, fluid dynamics, Human environment, Noise pollution, Open condition, Operating condition, Pollution, Sound attenuation, Sound pressure level, Three dimensional computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, water pollution


Noise pollution will soon become the third greatest menace to the human environment after air and water pollution. Since noise is a by-product of energy conversion, there will be increasing noise as the demand for energy for transportation, power, food, and chemicals increases. In the field of control equipment, noise produced by valves has become a focal point of attention. In this paper aerodynamic noise evaluation of a globe valve was carried out using a three dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamic technique(CFD). The results obtained from numerical analysis are compared with the experimental measurements and are found to be in good agreement. Reduction in sound pressure level was achieved by doubling the number of flow passages in the cage at full open condition and at the same operating conditions. Hence sound attenuation is established by changing the cage configuration with no change in total area of flow passage in the cage.


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S. K. Sreekala and S. Thirumalini, “Investigation on aerodynamic noise evaluation and atte nuation in a glob e valve us ing CFD analysis”, International Journal of Multiphysics, vol. 10, pp. 43-51, 2016.