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Journal Article


International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research (2020)



Al 7075, Heat treatment, Microstructure, scanning electron microscope, Stir casting, Yield Strength.


The present works describes the Effect of heat treatment on grain size of Al 7075 alloys. The melting furnace utilized for the casting of the aluminum is an electrical resistance heater with a mechanical stirrer coated with tungsten carbide. The ageing time was varied from 1 to 20 hours in the steps of 1 hour. Mechanical characterization was performed as per ASTM standards such as tensile strength hardness tests. Results of the study reveal that Ultimate tensile strength and hardness properties are enhanced as the ageing time increases. The technique of optical microscopy was used to examine sample specimen for microstructures, and the microstructure indicated uniform particle distribution in the matrix state. Experimental results shows that there is a fall in the micro-hardness number after 14 hours of ageing due to an increase in the size of fine π precipitates as well as precipitate coarsening. The ultimate tensile strength was found to be 417.29 MPa after 20 hours of ageing, which is approximately 83.44% higher than that observed for 1 hour ageing specimen. After heat treatment, the strengthening of Al7075 alloy depends on several factors such as precipitation hardening and grain size. Furthermore to examine the fracture a scanning electron microscopy was used to examine the tested samples

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S. Mohan Kumar and K, G. H., “An Investigation Of The Effects Of Solution Heat Treatment On Mechanical Properties Of Aluminium 7075 Alloys”, International Journal of Scientific & Technology Research, 2020.