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Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, Volume 71, Issue 6, p.1311-1322 (2018)



The objective of this work is to fabricate functionally graded unreinforced copper alloy (Cu–10Sn) and a Cu–10Sn/SiC composite (Øout100 × Øin70 × 100 mm) by horizontal centrifugal casting process and to investigate its mechanical and tribological properties. The microstructure and hardness was analysed along the radial direction of the castings; tensile test was conducted at both inner and outer zones. Microstructural evaluation of composite indicated that the reinforcement particles formed a gradient structure across the radial direction and maximum reinforcement concentration was found at the inner periphery. Hence maximum hardness (205 HV) was observed at this surface. Tensile test results showed that, the tensile strength at inner zone of composite was observed to be higher (248 MPa) compared to that of the outer zone and unreinforced alloy. As mechanical properties showed better results at inner periphery, dry sliding wear experiments were carried out on the inner periphery of composite using pin-on-disc tribometer. Process parameters such as load (10–30 N), sliding distance (500–1500 m) and sliding velocity (1–3 m/s) were analyzed by Taguchi L27 orthogonal array. The influence of parameters on wear rate was analyzed by signal-to-noise ratio and analysis of variance. Analysis results revealed that load (54{%}) had the highest effect on wear rate followed by sliding distance (18.2{%}) and sliding velocity (3.7{%}). The wear rate of composite increased with load and sliding distance, but decreased with sliding velocity. Regression equation was developed and was validated by confirmatory experiment. Worn surface of composite was observed using scanning electron microscopy and transition of wear was observed at all extreme conditions.

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Dr. Radhika N, Dr. Thirumalini S., and Shivashankar, A., “Investigation on Mechanical and Adhesive Wear Behavior of Centrifugally Cast Functionally Graded Copper/SiC Metal Matrix Composite”, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, vol. 71, no. 6, pp. 1311-1322, 2018.