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Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing, Taylor and Francis Ltd., Volume 96, Number 2, p.95-102 (2018)



AISI 630, Dry sliding wear test, Energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry, Gas metal arc welding, Gas tungsten arc, Gas welding, Hardness, Heat sources, Metals, Microhardness, Molybdenum, Pin-on-disc machine, Reinforced alloys, Reinforcement, scanning electron microscopy, stainless steel, Tungsten, Wear of materials, Wear properties, Wear resistance


<p>AISI 630 stainless steel (SS) surface has been reinforced with molybdenum (Mo) using gas tungsten arc (GTA) as a heat source. The optimum GTA heat source conditions have been finalised based on the proper fusion of base metal. The microhardness of the Mo-reinforced AISI 630 SS was found to be 502 HV which shows an improvement of 35% with respect to the base metal (371 HV). To improve the properties, the reinforced alloy was heat treated. The microhardness of the reinforced and aged AISI 630 was 725 HV, which was higher than the base metal by 95%. Dry sliding wear tests using a Pin-on-Disc machine were performed and it was found that the wear resistance of the reinforced surface was improved by 52% with respect to base metal. Characterisation techniques such as optical microscopy, scanning electron microscope, energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry and XRD were used to establish morphology, structure and composition, and the presence of Mo was confirmed. © 2018 Institute of Materials Finishing.</p>


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P. Ritesh and Shanmugasundaram A., “An investigation of molybdenum surface reinforcement on the hardness and wear properties of AISI 630”, Transactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing, vol. 96, pp. 95-102, 2018.