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International Journal of Engineering and Technology, Engg Journals Publications, Volume 7, Number 5, p.1625-1632 (2015)



The objective of the paper is to formulate a measure to reduce PAPR problem in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing. To mitigate the problem of PAPR, a Discrete Wavelet Transform based system is employed instead of conventional OFDM. For the comparative study, the PAPR in conventional OFDM is analyzed for varying number of subcarriers and for different channel taps. The result of conventional OFDM is compared with wavelet based OFDM, employing wavelets namely - 'Haar', 'Daubechies', 'Symlets' and 'Biorthogonal' wavelets. Further the PAPR is analyzed for varying levels and different length of channel impulse response. The simulation results show that wavelet based OFDM has less PAPR than conventional OFDM. With the increase in the number level, the PAPR at the demodulator side decreases in the wavelet based OFDM.


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N. S., S., T., and Dr. Ramanathan R., “Investigation of PAPR in discrete wavelet transform based multi-carrier systems”, International Journal of Engineering and Technology, vol. 7, pp. 1625-1632, 2015.