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Conference Paper


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering VI, Trans Tech Publications (2015)


Charge Air Cooler (CAC), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF), Phase Change Materials (PCM), Thermal Energy Storage (TES)


Phase Change Materials (PCM) are used widely in passive heat storage system due to their high heat retention capacities. In the present work an attempt is made to use the PCM as an effective replacement to conventional EGR cooler. The prime advantages of using PCM as an alternative to the traditionally used EGR coolers are that, the pumping operation will no longer be a continuous process hence the power consumed by pumps would drastically reduce, so does the load on the engine and secondly there would be significant reduction in the weight of the system which would ultimately boost the fuel economy of the vehicle. The PCM candidate chosen for study is a Salt blend (59%KF+29%LiF+12%NaF). The chosen specimen's thermal performance is computed based on the duration for which the refrigerant pump remains idle. Using numerical simulation the melting period of PCM(Salt Blend) is computed and the simulation is verified by already established numerical and experimental results for a different material, Rubitherm (RT-42).

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S. Bhaskar, Katib, W. Ahmed, and Senthilkumar D., “Investigation of Phase Change Material as a Potential Replacement of EGR Cooler”, in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering VI, 2015.