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Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Hashemite University, Volume 12, Issue 4, p.281-292 (2018)



Aluminum alloys, Aluminum corrosion, Automotive component, Cold metal transfers, Copper alloys, Copper corrosion, corrosion, Corrosion and wears, Corrosion property, Corrosion resistance, Corrosion resistant alloys, Corrosive effects, Electric welding, Friction, Friction stir welding, High hardness, High strength alloys, Metals, Property profiles, Research laboratories, Rolled plates, Tensile strength, Wear of materials, Wear resistance, Welded steel structures, Welding process


Aluminium - Copper alloy AA2219 finds application in aerospace and automotive components because of its high strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance. However, joining of the alloy by conventional welding techniques results in poor property profile. In this study, AA2219 rolled plates of thickness 5.5 mm are joined by cold metal transfer welding process and friction stir welding process. The microstructure, mechanical, corrosion and wear properties of the welded plates are analyzed. The results indicate that cold metal transfer welded specimens have high hardness and tensile strength than the friction stir welded specimens. However, the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of friction stir welded specimens are higher than the base material and cold metal transfer welded specimens. © 2018 Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

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M. N. Abijith, Nair, A. R., Aadharsh, M., Vaira Vignesh R., Dr. Padmanaban R., and Arivarasu, M., “Investigations on the mechanical, wear and corrosion properties of cold metal transfer welded and friction stir welded aluminium alloy AA2219”, Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, vol. 12, no. 4, pp. 281-292, 2018.