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Journal Article


International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities, Volume 2, Issue 5, p.322-335 (2014)



Human resource, Industrial absenteeism, Productivity, Stability


In the production process Human Resources plays a vital role. This is because of its capacity to control and coordinate the other two resources namely material, money. The most important
unique feature of the man power is that it is the only live component. Hence the absence of work force makes a significant difference in the production process. Due to absenteeism, productivity may reduce and it may adversely affect the stability of the organization. The problem of absenteeism affects not only the industry but also the employees and their families. Here it
should be noted that in the developed countries Industrial absenteeism is not that severe problem mainly because of mechanization and automation but in the third world countries like India
Absenteeism is one of the serious issue, the main thing is that Indian plantation sector is mostly depend on man power. This study analyses the causes of absenteeism in the plantation sector in selected tea plantations in Kerala.

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Nisanth M. Pillai, Kurup, V. S. K., .E, G. M., and Ashraf, A., “The issue of absenteeism among the working community- a study in plantation sector”, International Journal of English Language, Literature and Humanities, vol. 2, no. 5, pp. 322-335, 2014.