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European Journal of Scientific Research, Volume 57, Number 3, p.502-513 (2011)



In order to achieve the efficient usage of the available bandwidth in wireless environments, the best method for real time application would be combining Multi- Input Multi-Output (MIMO) and Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) with Cyclic Prefix (CP) together. V-BLAST algorithm is a detection algorithm used at the receiver of a MIMO system. By combining V-BLAST with the other available detection schemes, error performance of the system is improved significantly. The project deals with the possible analysisof combinations of detection schemes with VBLAST. These combinations are compared based on their Minimum Bit Error Rates (MBER) to their corresponding Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR)values and best promising combination is proposed. Also the transmit (antenna) power isallocated for the proposed combination using the Lagrangian method and compared with the conventional power allocation scheme. Based on Greedy algorithm, bit and power is allocatedfor each of the sub-carriers present in the system. The proposed combination significantly reduces the Bit Error Rate (BER) of the system. © EuroJournals Publishing, Inc.2011.


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Ra Deepa and Baskaran, Kb, “Joint bit and subcarrier power allocation with V-BLAST/ MAP/MMSE for MIMO OFDM systems”, European Journal of Scientific Research, vol. 57, pp. 502-513, 2011.