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ACE 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, Bangalore, p.115-119 (2010)





Enterprise environment, Enterprise networks, Gateways (computer networks), Human intervention, Industry, Internet protocols, Internet telephony, Key issues, Network architecture, Novel architecture, Proposed architectures, Prototype implementations, Registrar server, Security issues, Security mechanism, SIP registration, Software prototyping, Telephone circuits, Telephone sets, Trust bootstrapping, Various attacks, Voice/data communication systems, VoIP phones


Providing a usable and secure mechanism for the registration of guest-phones to enterprise VoIP networks is a challenging problem. There are many security mechanisms that have been proposed to prevent the various attacks that occur during the registration of a SIP based VoIP phone to VoIP network. However, none of these mechanisms work for an enterprise environment where security and usability are the key issues to be considered. In this paper, a novel architecture called JPermit is proposed, which enables the secure entry of guest-phones to VoIP enterprise networks with minimum human intervention. The standard enterprise VoIP architecture is extended by introducing a Trust Bootstrap Gateway, which facilitates the trust bootstrapping between the guest-phone and the VoIP network. The JPermit architecture addresses the various security issues related to the registration of guest-phones to enterprise VoIP network. The prototype implementation of the proposed architecture is also presented. © 2010 IEEE.


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R. V. Lakshmi, Krishnan, D., Parvathy, S., Vishnudatha, K., Poroor, J., and Dhar, A., “JPermit: Usable and secure registration of guest-phones into enterprise VoIP network”, in ACE 2010 - 2010 International Conference on Advances in Computer Engineering, Bangalore, 2010, pp. 115-119.