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Conference Paper


2018 4th International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation (ICCCA), IEEE, Greater Noida, India, India (2018)



6-DOF, 6-DOF articulated robotic arm, control engineering computing, designed 6 DOF robotic arm, disaster-hit areas, Disasters, end effector, End effectors, Forward kinematics, gripper, Grippers, Inverse kinematics, joint control mechanism, Keyboards, Kinematics, manipulator kinematics, manipulators, mathematical model, Matrices, Mobile robots, motion control, Moveit, operating systems (computers), position control, robot kinematics, Robot operating system, ROS, RViz, Solid modeling, telerobotics, Transfer Matrix, URDF


In this paper, we are proposing the design and simulation of a 6 DOF robotic arm to be used for the search and rescue operations in the disaster-hit areas. An algorithm developed for the keyboard based interaction with the 6 DOF robotic arm which makes it more user-friendly is also discussed. The 6- DOF articulated robotic arm was designed and visualized in RVIZ and, Moveit is being used as a control interface using Robot Operating System (ROS). The manipulation of the arm with end effector refrain us from using the joint by the joint control mechanism. The technique presented in this research work is inexpensive and easier to control. In the designed 6 DOF robotic arm, the first three DOF is for the position of the arm and the rest three are used for the manipulation of the gripper.

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Rajesh Kannan Megalingam, Katta, N., Geesala, R., Yadav, P. K., and Rangaiah, R. C., “Keyboard-Based Control and Simulation of 6-DOF Robotic Arm Using ROS”, in 2018 4th International Conference on Computing Communication and Automation (ICCCA), Greater Noida, India, India, 2018.

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