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DH Parameters, industrial robot, robot kinematics, robot simulation, serial robots


Robotics has emerged as a research interest to find its place in various applications such as industries, automobile, space robots, health care, etc. The thrust in robotics research has resulted in increasing number of courses being introduced in the engineering curriculum. Fundamental concepts in robot mechanics are difficult to visualize using text books alone and hence, require either a physical robot or a simulation software to demonstrate the same. Effective robotics education can be achieved using serial robots and a visualization software. In this paper, affordable serial chain robots developed by MTAB are presented along with its integration with a simulation software named RoboAnalyzer. The forward and inverse kinematic analyses of the MTAB Mini and Aristo robots, and the implementation of the same in RoboAnalyzer software is also presented for comprehensive learning of the robotics topics.

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R. Sadanand OM, Sairaman, S., Sah, P. H. Balaji, Udhayakumar, G., Rajeevlochana G. Chittawadigi, and Saha, S. Kumar, “Kinematic Analysis of MTAB Robots and its integration with RoboAnalyzer Software”, 2010.