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Proceedings - 2012 IEEE International Conference on Technology Enhanced Education, ICTEE 2012, Kerala (2012)





Access points, Content aggregations, Content aggregators, Directory server, Diverse domains, Educational contents, Engineering education, Global growth, Information base, Innovative solutions, Integrating information, Isolated islands, Knowledge base, Knowledge based systems, Single platform, Single source, Wealth of information


Rapid global growth has caused information to exist as discrete isolated islands dispersed across the globe. As in the case of educational content, a single hub to tap this immense wealth of information asset is still non-existent. This paper introduces "Kloud" (Knowledge based cloud) - an innovative solution to addressing and integrating information. Kloud is designed to amalgamate disjointed information chains pertaining to diverse domains, owned and managed by multitude of organizations, under a single platform to build a powerful information base that could be accessed by a user anywhere anytime. Such an information base will act as single source information feeder to seekers. The system architected to allow elastic inclusivity includes several key modules such as a) Central Content Directory Management Cloud, b) Central Content Scavenger & Aggregator Platform and c) Content Aggregator & Broadcast Agent that overpowers any geographic limitations in residence of knowledge. In contrast to commonly used methodologies this architecture uses a directory-based approach to maintain a master content directory list that retrieves content from its registered providers. This directory is generated by a content aggregator and broadcast agent (CAB Agent) located at the providers end and broadcasted to the central directory server which then mirrors the same across key access points. © 2012 IEEE.


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Shiju Sathyadevan, “Kloud - A virtual elastic knowledge cloud: A centralized directory based approach for education content aggregation”, in Proceedings - 2012 IEEE International Conference on Technology Enhanced Education, ICTEE 2012, Kerala, 2012.