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Journal Article


Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, Volume 54, Number 3, p.235-236 (2008)



adult, anamnesis, article, case report, clinical examination, clinical feature, delivery, Dietary Supplements, disease duration, esophagus manometry, female, high resolution computer tomography, human, human tissue, Humans, immunofluorescence, laboratory test, Localized, nutritional support, outpatient department, phenylalanine, scleroderma, skin, skin biopsy, skin tightness, skinfold, thorax radiography, tryptophan


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K. Feroze, Venkitakrishnan, S., and Manoj, J., “L-tryptophan and scleroderma: Significance of nutritional supplements containing L-tryptophan”, Journal of Postgraduate Medicine, vol. 54, pp. 235-236, 2008.