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Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, World Scientific Publishers, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte Ltd, Volume 24, Number 10 (2015)



Application programs, ARM processors, energy conservation, Hardware, Hardware implementations, Hardware supports, Intelligent power, Laboratory automation, Natural resources management, Power Management, Power Optimization, Resource allocation, Resource management systems, Software approach, Software techniques, Ubiquitous computing


Fast growing technologies have made pervasive computing elements part of our routine life. These computing elements dissipate a lot of energy, and power optimization is one of the critical design aspects of such systems. In this work an intelligent laboratory automation and resource management system (iLARMS) is proposed, which incorporates power-aware strategies activated in software with hardware support. In the current work, investigations are carried out to observe the energy issues of the application and the processors used. Various software techniques for energy saving are incorporated in the application level and in the processor core level. The hardware implementation of the proposed resource management system is carried out using PIC16F877A and ARM7 LPC2148 microcontrollers and Intel Core 2 Duo processors. An average energy saving of the order of 48.78% was achieved with iLARMS when compared to a conventional resource management system. © 2015 World Scientific Publishing Company.


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Dr. Anju Pillai S. and Dr. Isha T. B., “Laboratory Resource Management System with Intelligent Power-Aware Strategies-A Software Approach”, Journal of Circuits, Systems and Computers, World Scientific Publishers, vol. 24, 2015.