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The Indian journal of chest diseases & allied sciences, Volume 54, Number 2, p.127-130 (2012)



Acinetobacter baumannii, Acinetobacter infection, Acinetobacter Infections, adolescent, Anti-Bacterial Agents, antibiotic resistance, antiinfective agent, article, Bacterial, carbapenem derivative, Carbapenems, case report, colistin, drug derivative, Drug Resistance, Fatal Outcome, fatality, female, human, Humans, isolation and purification, Leuconostoc, microbiology, minocycline, multidrug resistance, Multiple, respiratory tract infection, Respiratory Tract Infections, tigecycline, Vancomycin Resistance


Leuconostoc garlicum, belonging to the family of Leuconostocaceae, is a catalase-negative, Gram-positive ovoid cocci, intrinsically resistant to vancomycin. Clinical infection by Leuconostoc garlicum is rare. We report a case of respiratory tract infection subsequent to vancomycin therapy.


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A. Kumar, Augustine, D., Mehta, A., Dinesh, K. R., Viswam, D., and Philip, R., “Leuconostoc garlicum: an unusual pathogen in the era of vancomycin therapy.”, The Indian journal of chest diseases & allied sciences, vol. 54, pp. 127-130, 2012.