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Journal Article


ECS Transactions, The Electrochemical Society, Volume 6, Number 8, p.13–31 (2007)



Heat removal from advanced microelectronic devices is becoming a major packaging challenge. Thermal management solutions such as microchannel liquid cooling are now becoming commercially available. The use of a liquid cooling system is attractive because of higher heat transfer coefficients or lower thermal resistance as compared to traditional heat pipe or heat sink solutions. In this paper we present a description of the key features of Cooligy's closed loop Liquid Cooling System (LCS). Two key components of the LCS, namely a microheat exchanger and an electrokinetic pump are discussed in detail. Published literature on advanced thermal interface materials and nanofluids are briefly reviewed. Wherever applicable, the importance and impact of electrochemical processing and materials aspects are highlighted.

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Dr. Madhav Datta, Lin, E., Choi, H. - W., McMaster, M., Brewer, R., Werner, D., Hom, J., Upadhya, G., Gopalakrishnan, S., and Rebarber, F., “Liquid Cooling System for Advanced Microelectronics”, ECS Transactions, vol. 6, pp. 13–31, 2007.