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Conference Paper


2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT), IEEE, Tirunelveli, India, India (2020)



DC distribution system, DC distribution systems, DC power transmission, DC-DC power converters, DC-DC power convertors, high output voltage, high voltage transfer gain, long distance power transmission system, long-distance AC distribution system, Matlab-Simulink, overhead lines, Photovoltaic generation, Photovoltaic modules, Photovoltaic power generation, photovoltaic power systems, Photovoltaic systems, Power cables, power DC-DC converters, Power generation, power overhead lines, PV Modules, Soft switching, Solar cell arrays, Switches, Switching losses, Ultra-lift Luo converter, underground cable, underground cables, voltage instability, voltage lift scheme, Zero voltage switching, ZVS, ZVS Ultra-lift Luo converter


In this paper, long-distance power transmission with ZVS-Ultra lift Luo converter from photovoltaic modules and transmission using an underground cable is studied. However, today's long-distance AC distribution system tends to have losses and causes voltage instability. To avoid such problems, the DC distribution system can be used and to implement DC distribution, underground cables can be used which are more reliable than overhead lines. In this paper voltage lift scheme has been used in the design of power DC-DC converters successfully which have high voltage transfer gain. The ultra-lift Luo converter with Zero Voltage Switching(ZVS) is introduced as a unique approach to the new technology, which produces high output voltage along with less switching losses. Power generation from PV modules, design and analysis of ultra lift Luo converter along with ZVS and comparison between hard switching and soft switching for long-distance power transmission is done using MATLAB/Simulink.

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G. P. Rahul, Teja, O. N., Shivani, P. G., Dr. K. Deepa, Manitha, P., and V. Sailaja, “Long Distance Power Transmission System with ZVS Ultra-Lift Luo Converter from Large Photovoltaic Generation”, in 2020 Third International Conference on Smart Systems and Inventive Technology (ICSSIT), Tirunelveli, India, India, 2020.