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Conference Proceedings


Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) (2016)



In this paper, sierpinski-shaped dipoles are introduced in a printed log-periodic dipole antenna design. A Log Periodic Sierpinski Antenna (LPSA) is developed and the characteristics studied. Antenna size is considerably reduced, still maintaining the overall performance characteristics. The results are compared with that of a standard printed LPDA. A set of shapes of LPSA are studied and the observations and characteristics analysed. A size reduction of approximately 50% is achieved by the LPSA when compared with ordinary printed LPDA. The antenna size is reduced considerably with little degradation in the radiation characteristics. This paper proposes two antenna prototypes viz. LPSA and LPS2A operating at L-band and higher frequency range. They are compact compared to the LPDA counterparts. The two antenna prototypes is to be fabricated on cheap FR-4 substrate. Return loss, radiation pattern and gain of the two antenna prototypes are studied. Simulations are carried out in Ansoft HFSS. The antennas are found to have stable radiation pattern. The results are compared with the LPDA counterpart and comparison of performance presented. The simulated results show that the proposed antenna prototypes have better and stable characteristics compared to LPDAs and could be used in L band and S band.

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J. Rajendran and Menon, S. K., “A Low-Cost Compact Wideband Printed Planar Log Periodic Sierpinski Antenna ”, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS). 2016.