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Journal Article


The Journal of Organic Chemistry, ACS Publications, Volume 63, Number 10, p.3468–3470 (1998)


Vicinal diamines find extensive applications in radiopharmaceuticals1a-c and as complexing agents and chiral auxiliaries. 2a, b In connection with our ongoing program on nuclear medicine, an efficient route to vicinal diaminobased ligands was needed. Recently, we have been exploring the potential of low valent titanium (LVT) induced carbonyl-olefin McMurry coupling reaction in a multitude of synthetic endeavors. 3, 4a-f Although reductive
coupling of carbonyls to vicinal diols using different LVT reagents5a-e has been ...

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S. Talukdar and Banerji, A., “Low valent titanium mediated imino-pinacol coupling: an improved and expeditious route to vicinal diamino-based ligands”, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, vol. 63, pp. 3468–3470, 1998.