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Journal Article


Synthetic communications, Taylor & Francis, Volume 26, Number 6, p.1051–1056 (1996)


The reduction of aryl aldehydes and ketones in neutral medium, to the corresponding hydrocarbons via carbon-nitrogen bond cleavage of the intermediate N- (arylmethyl) anilines with low-valent titanium reagents is described. It provides a mild, convenient and selective pathway for deoxygenation of carbonyls without the production of any side product.

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S. Talukdar and Banerji, A., “Low-Valent Titanium Mediated Reductive Deoxygenation of Carbonyls to Methylenes Via Carbon-Nitrogen Bond Cleavage in N-(Arylmethyl) Anilines”, Synthetic communications, vol. 26, pp. 1051–1056, 1996.