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Conference Proceedings


Materials Today:, Volume 44, Part 1, 2021, Pages 2142-2146 (2021)


Metallic nanoparticleMagnetic fieldShape factor of nanoparticlesTemperatureVasodilatation


In the present article, we have analysed the impact of different shapes of nanoparticles on the flow significant parameters in the blocked arteries in the presence of magnetic effect. To explore the impact of nanoparticles of different shapes in the blocked artery, a wide range of nano-fluid volume fractions, Hartmann numbers and nanoparticle shape factors is used. To analyse the vasodilatation effect and temperature, the local Nusselt number and wall shear stress are evaluated analytically as well as graphically. It is graphically shown that the laminar nanoparticles have shown better results for all significant flow quantities.

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K. N. Asha and Dr. Neetu Srivastava, “Magnetic repercussion on the different shaped copper nanoparticles to improve vasodilatation effect in stenosed artery.”, Materials Today:, vol. 44, Part 1, 2021, Pages 2142-2146. 2021.