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2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies, i-PACT 2017, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., Volume 2017-January, p.1-6 (2018)





Damping, Electric current regulators, Electric impedance measurement, Electric lines, Electric load flow, Electric power utilization, Electric reactors, Electric switches, flexible AC transmission systems, Flexible alternating current transmission systems, Magnetically controlled reactor, Magnetically controlled reactor (MCR), MATLAB, Power control, Reactive power, Reactive power compensation, Static synchronous compensator (STATCOM), Static synchronous compensators, static VAr compensators, Static VAR compensators (SVC), Thyristor controlled reactor (TCR), Thyristor controlled series compensator, Thyristors, Voltage control


<p>The two aspects of power transmission that goes hand in hand, is the voltage control and the reactive power flow. Voltage control is very important in a transmission line to ensure system security, stability and reliability. The under consumption or over consumption of reactive power at load side, effects the voltage profile, which may lead to Ferranti effect, heating of lines, insulation failure. Since it is not always possible to change the nature of load, power compensation circuits are established. These circuits employ inductors (consumes reactive power), capacitors (generates reactive power) and power electronic switches (controls). Here; comes the advent of Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems (FACTS) devices for reactive power compensation. The commonly used FACTS devices for reactive power compensation are Thyristor Controlled Reactor (TCR), Thyristor Controlled Series Compensator (TCSC), Static Var Compensator (SVC), and Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM). In this paper, characteristics of a new FACTS device named magnetically controlled reactor (MCR) design is drawn out and its harmonic and voltage profile is compared with TCR using MATLAB/Simulink. © 2017 IEEE.</p>


cited By 0; Conference of 2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies, i-PACT 2017 ; Conference Date: 21 April 2017 Through 22 April 2017; Conference Code:134074

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R. N. Jenipher and Dr. Vijaya Chandrakala K. R. M., “Magnetically controlled reactor based harmonic and voltage profile improvement in long transmission lines”, in 2017 Innovations in Power and Advanced Computing Technologies, i-PACT 2017, 2018, vol. 2017-January, pp. 1-6.