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Elektrotehniski Vestnik/Electrotechnical Review, Electrotechnical Society of Slovenia, Volume 84, Number 1-2, p.7-16 (2017)



Emerging topics, Emerging trends, Full-swing, Hardware, Hardware detections, hardware security, IC industry, integrated circuit design, Integrated Circuit industries, Integrated circuits, Intellectual property, malware, Trojan detections


<p>Hardware security is an emerging topic in integrated-circuit (IC) industries. Research in the domain of the hardware security is at a full swing and many schemes to enhance the security are being explored. The hardware Trojan (HT) design and its various detection techniques to ensure the trust in design are the most sought for schemes. The analysis of the reported techniques explores the major threat in the IC industries known as hardware Trojans and their countermeasures. Moreover, it clearly depicts the emerging trend in the hardware security with a direction indicating the future scope.</p>


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S. R. Ranjani and M. Nirmala Devi, “Malicious hardware detection and design for trust: An analysis”, Elektrotehniski Vestnik/Electrotechnical Review, vol. 84, pp. 7-16, 2017.