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Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery, Volume 45, Number 2, p.325-331 (2012)



Radiotherapy forms an integral part in cancer treatment today. It is used alone or in combination with surgery and chemotherapy. Although radiotherapy is useful to effect tumour death, it also exerts a deleterious effect on surrounding normal tissues. These effects are either acute or can manifest months or years after the treatment. The chronic wounds are a result of impaired wound healing. This impairment results in fibrosis, nonhealing ulcers, lymphoedema and radionecrosis amongst others. This article will discuss the pathophysiology in brief, along with the manifestations of radiation-induced injury and the treatment available currently.


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Dab Balasubramanian and Iyer, Sb, “Management of radiation wounds”, Indian Journal of Plastic Surgery, vol. 45, pp. 325-331, 2012.