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Journal Article


Materials Today: Proceedings, Elsevier (2020)



Braking, copper, Friction material, heat dissipation, Sintering, Wear rate


Copper-based brake pad material is fabricated by powder metallurgy methodology. The developed brake pad material has steel fibers and fly ash as reinforcement to increase the strength and hardness. A methodical approach is followed, where the microstructure is obtained and subsequently the micro hardness values were obtained. After which, wear test is conducted considering various parameters including sliding velocity, normal loads. The tribological parameters namely wear rate and coefficient of friction are evaluated. The wear mechanism of the developed material is deduced from advanced metallurgical characterization. The material is optimized for maximizing the performance by permuting different composition of materials and orientations of matrices.

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G. M Keshav, Hemchandran, C. G., Dharsan, B., Pradhin, K., R Vignesh, V., and Dr. Govindaraj M., “Manufacturing of continuous fiber reinforced sintered brake pad and friction material”, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020.