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Journal Article


Ubiquitous Communications and Network Computing, Springer International Publishing, Cham (2018)




This paper considers classification of diverse traffic types in Internet of Things (IoT) based on importance of data rate, packet size and proposes a priority-based probabilistic packet scheduling strategy for efficient packet transmission. Reduction of peak resource usage, dynamic control of service rate corresponding to arrival rate and QoS buffer management are few main factors considered to develop this strategy. By calculating percentage of link bandwidth required for prioritized traffic in each cycle, we provide quality of service (QoS) to real time traffic in IoT and non-IoT applications. Different experiments including MPEG traffic traces and Poisson traffic are conducted to verify the proposed scheduler. Also, performance of scheduler for both IoT and Non-IoT applications is compared for different data rates. We observe that the proposed packet scheduler satisfies QoS requirements for both IoT and non-IoT traffic.

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R. Sharma, Dr. Navin Kumar, and Srinivas, T., “Markov Chain Based Priority Queueing Model for Packet Scheduling and Bandwidth Allocation”, Ubiquitous Communications and Network Computing, 2018.