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Journal Article


International Journal of Computer Applications, Volume 63, Number 15, p.20-26 (2013)



ANP is a powerful tool in multi-criteria decision making. In this research, the performances of public cloud, private cloud and hybrid clouds are analyzed. This tool is used to encapsulate the interdependences in different level of decision attribute. The decision problem is structured in a hierarchical manner and the enablers, determinants and dimensions are linked with the alternatives. The current study is based on the adoption of the best cloud computing i. e. Public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. Based on the literature survey the determinants, dimensions and enablers have been derived. Super matrices have been formed and then the overall weighted effectiveness of cloud computing has been found out, which will give an indication of the performances of the cloud computing. Overall weighted effectiveness was highest for public cloud and then hybrid cloud followed by private cloud

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A. Devi Amma. T, R, P. V., and Dr. Radhika N., “MCDM Approach for the Adoption of Best Cloud”, International Journal of Computer Applications, vol. 63, pp. 20-26, 2013.