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Conference Paper


Proceedings of DAE-BRNS symposium on nuclear and radiochemistry (2007)



Positron Annihilation Lifetime Spectroscopy is used to determine the free volume content in the blends of SAN/PMMA and PS/PVC. Though the free volume data indicate the miscible/immiscible nature of the blends, the extent of miscibility for different weight compositions is not forthcoming. Therefore the hydrodynamic interaction parameter α which accounts for the excess friction between the constituents of the blend system is evaluated for this purpose. The SAN/PMMA system produces a maximum α of -209 at 20% of PMMA concentration while PS/PVC almost zero. It appears sound that hydrodynamic interaction parameter, α, is a suitable parameter to understand the composition dependent miscibility level in polymer blends.

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C. Ranganathaiah, Kumaraswamy, G. N., and Raj, J. M., “Measurement of hydrodynamic interaction parameter for miscibility test of polymer blends by positron lifetime method”, in Proceedings of DAE-BRNS symposium on nuclear and radiochemistry, 2007.