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Conference Proceedings


2018 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E) (2018)


Analytical models, Area measurement, Computer games, cross-functional multidisciplinary teams, Cross-functional Teams, epistemic game, Epistemic Games, epistemic network analysis, games, Human resource management, individual team members, industrial psychology, job performance, measured job performance, multidisciplinary cross-functional teams, personality, Personnel, proprietary business simulation game, Psychology, resource constraint, Task analysis, team cohesion, team working, Time measurement


Job performance of multidisciplinary cross-functional teams are characterised by the ability of individual team members' disposition in completing the task within a given resource constraint. Prior research have established linkages between a team's personality and job performance where nature of task being a moderating factor. Majority of the studies conducted in this area have looked at job performance as a rating coded by an instructor(s) and only a few have looked at objective measures arising out of an experimental setup. In this study we have used a proprietary business simulation game designed by one of the authors and measured job performance and team cohesion using epistemic network analysis

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S. Rambhatla, Gupta, D., and Dr. Rajiv Prasad, “Measuring the Performance of Cross-Functional Multidisciplinary Teams Using an Epistemic Game: Impact of Team Cohesion and Personality”, 2018 IEEE Tenth International Conference on Technology for Education (T4E). 2018.