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Dr. Radhika N


Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, Springer India, Volume 70, Issue 1, p.145-157 (2017)



Mechanical properties and abrasive wear behaviour of functionally graded Al-Si12Cu/Al2O3 metal matrix composite fabricated under centrifugal casting technique was investigated and compared with unreinforced aluminium alloy. Hollow cylindrical component with dimensions 150 × 150 × 16 mm was produced under the centrifuging speed of 1200 rpm by incorporating 10 wt% Al2O3 particles of size 30–50 µm. The distribution of the Al2O3 reinforcement particles at outer, middle and inner surfaces in matrix was examined through the microstructural analysis. Hardness and tensile strength of the aluminium alloy and functionally graded composite were tested through microhardness tester and universal testing machine respectively. Abrasive wear of aluminium alloy and functionally graded composite was tested through dry abrasion tester for various loads and speeds on outer, middle and inner surfaces of composite specimens. Scanning electron microscopy analysis was carried out on the fractured tensile specimens and worn out specimens. The results revealed that particles were segregated more on the outer periphery and less on the inner periphery. The mechanical properties and the abrasive wear resistance of the functionally graded material were found higher than the unreinforced alloy. The wear rate was found to increase with increase in load, speed and for the distance from the outer periphery of the casting. The worn out surfaces revealed more cutting and ploughing as a result of three body abrasion wear caused by silica sand particles. © 2016 The Indian Institute of Metals - IIM


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Dr. Radhika N, “Mechanical Properties and Abrasive Wear Behaviour of Functionally Graded Al-Si12Cu/Al2O3 Metal Matrix Composite”, Transactions of the Indian Institute of Metals, vol. 70, no. 1, pp. 145-157, 2017.