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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, Institute of Physics Publishing, Volume 310, Number 1 (2018)



Cementitious composites, Cements, Concrete beams and girders, Concretes, Environmental sustainability, Fibers, Fly ash, High volume fly ash, Manufacture, Mechanical performance, Mechanical properties, Reinforced concrete, Reinforced concrete beams, Shear strengthening, Strain capacities, Strengthening materials, Sustainable development, Volume fraction


This paper discusses development of Poly Vinyl Alcohol (PVA) fibre reinforced cementitious composites taking into account environmental sustainability. Composites with fly ash to cement ratios from 0 to 3 are investigated in this study. The mechanical properties of HVFA-cement composite are discussed in this paper at PVA fiber volume fraction maintained at 1% of total volume of composite. The optimum replacement of cement with fly ash was found to be 75%, i.e. fly ash to cement ratio (FA/C) of 3. The increase in fiber content from 1% to 2% showed better mechanical performance. A strain capacity of 2.38% was obtained for FA/C ratio of 3 with 2% volume fraction of fiber. With the objective of evaluating the performance of cementitious composites as a strengthening material in reinforced concrete beams, the beams deficient in shear capacity were strengthened with optimal mix having 2% volume fraction of fiber as the strengthening material and tested under four-point load. The reinforced concrete beams designed as shear deficient were loaded to failure and retrofitted with the composite in order to assess the efficiency as a repair material under shear. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd.


cited By 0; Conference of International Conference on Advances in Materials and Manufacturing Applications 2017, IConAMMA 2017 ; Conference Date: 17 August 2017 Through 19 August 2017; Conference Code:135135

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A. K. Joseph and Dr. Anand K. B., “Mechanical Properties and Shear Strengthening Capacity of High Volume Fly Ash-Cementitious Composite”, in IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2018, vol. 310.