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Volume US5445705 A, Number US 08/269,865 (1995)



A contactless method and apparatus for in-situ chemical etch monitoring of an etching process during etching of a workpiece with a wet chemical etchant are disclosed. The method comprises steps of providing a base member having a reference surface; releasably securing the workpiece to the base member; providing at least two sensors disposed on the base member to be proximate to but not in contact with the outer perimeter of the workpiece surface; and monitoring an electrical characteristic between said at least two sensors, wherein a prescribed change in the electrical characteristic is indicative of a prescribed condition of the etching process.

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S. G. Barbee, Dr. Madhav Datta, Heinz, T. F., Li, L., Ratzlaff, E. H., and Shenoy, R. V., “Method and apparatus for contactless real-time in-situ monitoring of a chemical etching process”, U.S. Patent US 08/269,8651995.