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Journal Article


The Electronic Library, Emerald (Impact Factor : 0.800, SSCI), Emerald Publisher (2018)



Ontology of a domain mainly consists of a set of concepts and their semantic relations. It is typically constructed and maintained by using ontology editors with substantial human intervention. It is desirable to perform the task automatically, which has led to the development of ontology learning techniques. One of the main challenges of ontology learning from the text is to identify key concepts from the documents. A wide range of techniques for key concept extraction have been proposed but are having the limitations of low accuracy, poor performance, not so flexible and applicability to a specific domain.

The propose of this study is to explore a new method to extract key concepts and to apply them to literature in the nuclear domain.

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Sudarsana Desul, Madurai Meenachi N., Thejas Venkatesh, Vijitha Gunta, Dr. Gowtham R., and Magapu Sai Baba, “Method for automatic key concepts extraction: Application to documents in the domain of nuclear reactors”, The Electronic Library, Emerald (Impact Factor : 0.800, SSCI), 2018.