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Volume US7836597 B2, Number US 11/326,690 (2010)



An structure and method of manufacturing a microstructure for use in a heat exchanger is disclosed. The heat exchanger comprises a manifold layer and an microstructured region. The manifold layer comprises a structure to deliver fluid to the microstructured region. The microstructured region is formed from multiple windowed layers formed from heat conductive layers through which a plurality of microscaled apertures have been formed by a wet etching process. The plurality of windowed layers are then coupled together to form a composite microstructure.

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Dr. Madhav Datta, McMaster, M., Brewer, R., Zhou, P., Tsao, P., Upadhaya, G., and Munch, M., “Method of fabricating high surface to volume ratio structures and their integration in microheat exchangers for liquid cooling system”, U.S. Patent US 11/326,6902010.