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Volume US20070256825 A1, Number US 11/800,303 (2007)



A cooling system includes a cooling unit configured to fit within a single drive bay of a personal computer. The cooling unit includes a fluid-to-air heat exchanger, an air mover, a pump, fluid lines, and control circuitry. The cooling system also includes a cooling loop configured to be coupled to one or more heat generating devices. The cooling loop includes the pump and the fluid-to-air heat exchanger from the cooling unit, and at least one heat exchanger coupled together via flexible fluid lines. The heat exchanger is thermally coupled to the heat generating device. The cooling unit is configured to maintain noise below a specified acoustical specification. To meet this acoustical specification, the size, position, and type of the components within the cooling unit are specifically configured.

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B. Conway, Brewer, R., Tsao, P., Hom, J., Werner, D., Zhou, P., Upadhya, G., Dr. Madhav Datta, Firouzi, A., and Landry, F., “Methodology for the liquid cooling of heat generating components mounted on a daughter card/expansion card in a personal computer through the use of a remote drive bay heat exchanger with a flexible fluid interconnect”, U.S. Patent US 11/800,3032007.