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WO/2011/044328, Number PCT/US2010/051771 (2009)



A method for making microparticles having an exterior surface that includes preparing a self-assembled arrangement of microparticles; contacting the self- assembled microparticles with a patch-forming agent resulting in a microparticle/patch-forming agent assembly having proximal regions between adjacent microparticles and/or proximal regions between a microparticle and another substrate, wherein the patch-forming agent is present in the proximal region; and condensing the patch- forming agent such that a pattern of a plurality of discrete patches of patch-forming agent are formed on the exterior surfaces of the microparticles at the proximal regions. A synthetic microsphere having an exterior spherical surface, wherein the exterior spherical surface comprises a first material and a plurality of discrete, uniformly-dimensioned, patches of a second bioactive material arranged in an orderly array over more than one hemisphere of the microsphere.

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Dr. Kaladhar Kamalasanan and R. Steven, L., “Methods to prepare patchy microparticles”, U.S. Patent PCT/US2010/0517712009.