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Journal Article


Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT) (2016)



This article aims to examine the unsteady MHD flow of Williamson nanofluid in a vertical channel filled with a porous material and oscillating wall temperature. The modeling of this problem is transformed to ordinary differential equations by collecting the non-periodic and periodic terms and then series solutions are obtained by using a powerful method known as the homotopy analysis method (HAM). The influence of involved parameters on heat and mass transfer characteristics of the fluid flow is computed and presented graphically. Further, variations on volume flow rate, coefficient of skin friction, heat transfer rate and mass transfer rate are also discussed through tables. The study reveals that with increasing thermophoresis parameter, the fluid velocity decrease significantly however an enhancement in temperature distribution is noticed. With an increase in Prandtl number lead to enhance fluid temperature whereas it lead to decrease the fluid concentration considerably.

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A.K. Shukla, D. Immaculate, L., Muthuraj, R., and Srinivas, S., “MHD Unsteady Flow of a Williamson Nanofluid in a Vertical Porous Space with Oscillating Wall Temperature”, Frontiers in Heat and Mass Transfer (FHMT), 2016.