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Journal Article


Tetrahedron, Elsevier, Volume 25, Number 22, p.5415–5419 (1969)


From the incubation of (±) flavanone (I) with Gibberella fujikuroi a number of products viz. (−) flavan-4α-ol (II), 2′-hydroxychalcone (III), 2′,4-dihydroxydihydrochalcone (IV), 2′,4-dihydroxychalcone (V), (±) 4′-hydroxyflavanone (VI) and (−) 4′-hydroxyflavan-4α-ol (VII) have been isolated and characterized.

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S. R. Udupa, Banerji, A., and Chadha, M. S., “Microbiological transformations of flavonoids—II”, Tetrahedron, vol. 25, pp. 5415–5419, 1969.