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Conference Paper


2009 Annual IEEE India Conference, IEEE (2009)



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Biometrics, Detection algorithms, Educational institutions, Hough transforms, image line detection, Image processing, Laboratories, mid-point Hough transform, parameter space, Pixel, randomized Hough transform, Simultaneous localization and mapping, Sonar applications, sonar detection, Voting


This paper proposes a new method for detection of lines in images. The new algorithm is a modification of the standard Hough transform by considering a pair of pixels simultaneously and mapping them to the parameter space. The proposed algorithm is compared with line detection algorithms like standard Hough transform, randomized Hough transform and its variants and has advantages of smaller storage and higher speed.

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C. V. Hari, Jojish, J. V., Gopi, S., Felix, V. P., and Amudha, J., “Mid-Point Hough Transform: A Fast Line Detection Method”, in 2009 Annual IEEE India Conference, 2009.