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Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters, Electromagnetics Academy, Volume 63, p.107-113 (2016)



Antenna arrays, compact antenna, Dimension reduction, Dipole antennas, Directional patterns (antenna), Directive antennas, Good impedance match, Impedance matching (electric), log periodic antennas, Log-periodic dipole antennas, Microwave antennas, Optical resonators, Radiation properties, Resonators, Ring gages, Split ring resonator, Split-ring resonators (SRR), Wide bandwidth


In this paper, a printed split ring resonator (SRR) loaded log-periodic Koch dipole antenna (SLPKDA) is proposed. Koch-shaped dipoles when being loaded with split ring resonator (SRR) yielded a compact antenna, still preserving the radiation properties of log-periodic dipole antenna (LPDA). Measurement results show that the proposed antenna has a wide bandwidth, good impedance match and gain of 4 dBi over the band of frequencies from 0.9 GHz to 2.5 GHz. Both vertical and horizontal dimension reductions are achieved by loading Koch dipoles with SRR.


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J. Rajendran and Menon, S. K., “On the miniaturization of log periodic Koch dipole antenna using split ring resonators”, Progress in Electromagnetics Research Letters, vol. 63, pp. 107-113, 2016.