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Journal Article


European Polymer Journal, Volume 42, Number 10, p.2655 - 2666 (2006)



Blends, Free volume, Geometric parameter, Hydrodynamic interaction, Miscibility, ortho-Positronium, phase separation


Miscibility and phase separation in SAN/PMMA blends have been investigated using DSC, İR\} spectroscopy and positron lifetime spectroscopy (PLS). Single broad glass transition observed throughout the blend compositions, may be due to overlap of two glass transitions. İR\} measurements clearly indicate the absence of strong interactions. This supports miscibility is due to intramolecular repulsive forces in the \{SAN\} component. On the other hand, free volume data show negative deviation from linear additivity indicating the blends are miscible. The interchain interaction parameter β exhibits a complex behavior and the extent of miscibility is not revealed. Following Wolf’s treatment, we have evaluated the geometry factor γ and hydrodynamic interaction parameter α and found α is a suitable parameter in predicting the miscibility window. The cloud points in SAN/PMMA blends increase with decreasing \{PMMA\} content. The change in free volume size correlates well with the observed change in cloud point.

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G. N. Kumaraswamy, Ranganathaiah, C., Urs, M. V. Deepa, and Ravikumar, H. B., “Miscibility and phase separation in SAN/PMMA blends investigated by positron lifetime measurements”, European Polymer Journal, vol. 42, pp. 2655 - 2666, 2006.