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Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN), 2012 Ninth International Conference on, IEEE (2012)


There is a lack of timely access to necessary healthcare in remote areas, especially in India. This paper addresses the availability of quality healthcare, by introducing wireless technology to monitor patients, in remote areas. A reliable system to continuously monitor the patients in the remote areas has been developed, this software suite consists of two mobile software platforms. The first mobile software platform uses wearable wireless sensors to collect a Patient's ECG and Blood Pressure based on the patient's health condition. This sensed data is transmitted to the Patient's mobile phone where the first level of analysis is performed and an emergency warning may be indicated. If the patient's parameters are at a certain level a message is sent immediately to the Health Professional's mobile phone. The health data is also transmitted it to a central server for storage and further processing. This database can be of great value to health researchers. The second mobile software platform enables health professionals to view patient's health reports on their mobile phones from the central database. The health professional can also assign the risk levels of each patient, from the health professional's mobile phone. Both platforms communicate with the central database using a web server. This research also considers power optimization in the patient's mobile.


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M. V. Ramesh, Anand, S., and Rekha, P., “A mobile software for health professionals to monitor remote patients”, in Wireless and Optical Communications Networks (WOCN), 2012 Ninth International Conference on, 2012.