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Journal Article


International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research, Volume 8, Issue 10, p.586-591 (2019)



Distributed ledger technology, Information sharing Privacy, Internet, IPFS, Social networking sites


Social networking sites generally push aside trust issues to maximize social interaction. One of the barriers to trust in online environment is
privacy because Internet by design lacks a unified method for identifying who communicates with whom. Privacy concern is a person's awareness and
assessment of risks related to privacy violations. Violation to privacy happens mostly because users themselves don't understand the consequences of
sharing their personal data with peers. Context aware systems like cameras, accelerometers, microphones etc. affect privacy to a larger extent.
Individuals are more likely to be concerned about their privacy when information is used without one's knowledge. In this paper, a privacy preservation
scheme that safeguards users from online social networks selling data to third parties, based on distributed ledger technology is presented. The
proposed scheme uses IPFS to store the digital content with high integrity thus making it available to all.

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Neethu M. R. and Dr. Harini N., “A Model to Ensure Business Ethicsin Social Networks”, International Journal of Scientific and Technology Research, vol. 8, no. 10, pp. 586-591, 2019.