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Journal Article


American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Volume 7, Issue 1, p.43-51 (2019)


Zero inflated models have been widely studied in statistical literature. Zero inflated Poisson model and hurdle model are the most commonly used models for modeling the overdispersed count data. In adddition to this, recent studies shows that a nonparametric and data dependent technique known as artificial neural networks (ANN) produce better performance for modeling the over dispersed and zero inflated count data. In this paper, we compared the performance of different models such as zero inflated Poisson model, hurdle model and ANN for modelling the zero inflated count data in terms of standardized MSE, SE, bias and relative efficiency. An application study is carried out for both the simulated data set and real data set. Also for checking the suitability of these three models, we verified the group membership of the models, by adopting three classification techniques known as discriminant analysis, CART and random forest. We proposed an algorithm for selecting the better model among a set of models and computed the misclassification rates for a zero inflated count data set using different classifiers.

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Rajitha C. S. and Sakthivel, K. M., “Model Selection for Count Data with Excess Number of Zero Counts”, American Journal of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 43-51, 2019.