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International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, Serials Publications, Volume 9, Number 15, p.7151-7158 (2016)



Quadcopter also called as quadrotor helicopter, is popular in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV). They are widely used for variety of applications due to its small size and high stability. In this paper design and development of remote controlled quadcopter using PID (Proportional Integral Derivtive) controller implemented with Ardupilot Mega board is presented. The system consists of IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) which consists of accelerometer and gyro sensors to determine the system orientation and speed control of four BLDC motors to enable the quadcopter fly in six directions. Simulations analysis of quadcopter is carried out using MATLAB Simulink. Pitch, roll and yaw responses of quadcopter is obtained and PID controller is used to stabilize the system response. Finally the prototype of quadcopter is build PID logic is embedded on it. The working and performance of quadcopter is tested and desired outputs were obtained.


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V. Praveen and Dr. Anju Pillai S., “Modeling and simulation of quadcopter using PID controller”, International Journal of Control Theory and Applications, vol. 9, pp. 7151-7158, 2016.