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Journal Article


Advanced Materials Research, Volume 403-408, Kuala Lumpur, p.3753-3757 (2012)





Crack propagation, Doped structures, Doped ZnO, Field distribution, Mode distribution, Mode propagation, Non-Linearity, Nonlinear applications, Nonlinear effect, Nonlinear nature, Rectangular waveguides, Refractive index, Solitary pulse, Solitons, Varying refractive index, Waveguide modes, Waveguides, Zinc oxide, ZnO


In this paper, the modeling investigations of ZnO planar waveguides with varying refractive indices are quoted. The nature of field mode propagations highlights the nonlinear nature of ZnO. The field distributions of the doped structure are also considered and compared. We have focused on the 600-1200 nm wavelengths of the input beam, where nonlinear effects for ZnO are observed to be at their prime. It is observed that the mode distributions in the doped structure define solitary pulse propagation in itself. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.


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R. E. Mohan, Sreelatha, K. S., Dr. Sivakumar M., and Krishnashree, A., “Modeling of doped ZnO waveguides for nonlinear applications”, Advanced Materials Research, vol. 403-408, pp. 3753-3757, 2012.