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Journal Article


International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology, Volume 1, Issue 5, p.238-243 (2011)



Bsim3v3, CMOS millimeter-wave integrated circuits, Composite model, high frequency (HF) behaviour, LNA-low noise amplifier, Monolithic millimetre-wave integrated circuit (MMIC)


The millimetre-wave spectrum at 30-300 GHz is of increasing interest to service providers and systems designers because of the wide bandwidths available for carrying communications at this frequency range. These wide bandwidths are valuable in supporting applications such as high speed data transmission and video distribution. This project mainly focuses on modeling a MOSFET for millimeter-wave integrated circuits(MMIC). There are many emerging millimeter-wave applications which demand for low unit cost manufacturing solutions. With the advent of millimeter-wave semiconductor technology a MOSFET is modeled to work efficiently at high frequency. The transistor modeling is done by developing a compact model with BSIM3v3 and external parasitics to model substrate and gate resistance. High frequency MOSFET compact model built using BSIM3v3 as intrinsic core and having parasitic elements supporting HF are designed as extrinsic subcircuit. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed composite MOSFET model, the proposed methodology is then used in designing a low power millimeter-wave CMOS low noise amplifier. S-parameter analysis is to be verified for non linear large signal transistor model analysis of millimeter-wave signals. A hybrid millimeterwave modeling is done using ansoft designer by designing the appropriate extrinsic region.

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R. Adhira, Dr. Jayakumar M., and Karthigha, B., “Modeling a MOSFET for Monolithic Millimeterwave Integrated Circuit Design”, International Journal of Computer Science Engineering and Technology, vol. 1, no. 5, pp. 238-243, 2011.