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Ocean Engineering, Volume 54, p.119-131 (2012)



Atlantic Ocean, Atlantic Ocean (North), database, Extreme wave heights, HIPOCAS, Indian ocean, North Atlantic Ocean, Ocean currents, parameterization, performance assessment, Quantile functions, Return periods, Significant wave height, spatiotemporal analysis, Water waves, Wave data, wave height, Wave heights, wave modeling, Weibull distribution, Weibull theory


This paper starts by introducing extreme wave height analysis using quantile functions, which are an alternative to the classical approaches to model long term maxima or extreme values. The long-term distribution of significant wave heights from four locations are modelled with Davies, 3-parameter Weibull, generalized extreme value (GEV) and generalized Pareto (GP3) quantile functions. Even though the 3-parameter Weibull and GP3 quantile functions are adequate wave height models in this study, the performance of the Davies quantile function for extreme wave analysis seems to be consistently good both temporally and spatially. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.


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Ga Muraleedharan, Lucas, Ca, Soares, CaGuedes, Nair, NbUnnikrishn, and Kurup, P. Gc, “Modelling significant wave height distributions with quantile functions for estimation of extreme wave heights”, Ocean Engineering, vol. 54, pp. 119-131, 2012.